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Improving Diabetes Management in Bangladesh through Diabetes Educators, funded by World Diabetes Foundation.

The rapid increase in the number of people with diabetes requires more capacity of health care facility. One of the gaps in the health care facility is the overdependence on physicians even for services like education. This leads to increased costing of services at the one end and limits the population coverage on the other end. It is worth mentioning the fact that patient education is the sheet anchor of chronic life-long diseases like diabetes mellitus. Realizing this fact emphasis has been given on the role of paraprofessionals, particularly the Diabetes Educators. But scarcity of such manpower is the main problem to implement the plan. There is a scarcity of trained and skilled manpower in these areas.

In the above context, the present Project was planned to train Diabetes Educators to make present health care services more comprehensive, which, was also, emphasize on the primary care and preventive aspects of diabetes care. The trained diabetes educators provided the link between clinical services and community based approach. The lessons and experiences of the projects was very helpful to formulate the National Diabetes Education Program through adaptation of the relevant national and international guidelines and Programs which was act as an ‘inspiration’ for the Bangladesh program. Duration of the Program was 2007-2012.