MPH in Environmental Health & Safety

Objectives of the Program:

  • Explain different terms and issues related to environmental health 
  • Identifying hazardous situations and health problems due to exposures to environmental pollution.
  • Formulating strategies to prevent and control the environmental health problems identified.
  • Plan, organize, monitor and evaluate health and safety programs in development to protect environmental degradation. 
  • Apply epidemiological methods and toxicological techniques for evaluating hazards in environmental medias 
  • Advice government, NGO’s and private organizations about the prevention of environmental diseases, preparedness for environmental hazards particularly adaptive measures for the impacts of climate change and other disaster. 
  • Conduct research and formulate recommendation on important and current environmental health issues

Courses to be covered:
Introductory Public Health, Basics of Biostatistics, Fundamentals of Environmental Health, Fundamentals of Occupational Health, Environmental Pollution, Arsenic contamination & other contamination problem, Climate Change, Basics of Epidemiology, Basics of Research Methodology, Data analysis using Relevant Software, Environmental Hazards, Exposure and Risk, Environmental Impact Assessment, Environmental Health Effects and Illnesses, Environmental Statistics and Environmental Indicators, Environmental Epidemiology, Applied Research Methodology on OEH, Environmental Heath Impact Assessment, Comprehensive Field visit, Protocol Development for Thesis and Presentation, Environmental Health Surveillance, Thesis.

Credits & Duration:
The MPH in Environmental Health and Safety Program will be conducted on a Course & Credit based structure with 21 number of Courses to be dispensed in 80 Credits (1792.5 hours) in total, completed in a minimum time span of 1 year

Commencement of the Program:
Each new Program will commence in Fall and Spring in every year (02 intakes per year)

Admission Requirements:

  1. Honours in Environmental Health and Safety or its equivalents from any recognized University
  2. Four years of university graduation in environmental science or in relevant programme or graduation in engineering or agriculture with at least 2nd class (or equivalent GPA grades) from any recognized university 
  3. MBBS or its equivalent degree from any recognized University
  4. Foreign students with equivalent qualifications are eligible;
  5. Equivalence will be decided by a Committee called ‘Equivalence Committee’ formed by the Academic Council of BUHS.

Job opportunities:
Research position in the field of public health in government and non government organization, Various key positions in different projects and organization.


Number of Semesters : 04
Number of total credits : 80
Number of total courses : 21
Admission Fee : BDT 10,000
Fee per credit : BDT 2,475
Exam fee per course : BDT 2,000
Total Course Fee : BDT 250,000